With many common shopping carts, we have easy instructions for you to set it up, but we can work with you to make it easy to integrate. Usually a SKU number and choice of shipping method is all we need along with declared value for customs on International shipments. We can send your clients email notification that their shipment is in transit and provide tracking numbers or any helpful information on your behalf.

Promac has a very large selection of products and services and nearly all of them require specialized knowledge in production and manufacturing.  It is our experience that the best product selection & customer experience isn’t determined by a standardized pricing grid.

We have a huge primary warehouse which allows us to keep items that are slow movers, while giving us room to grow and organize inventory to maximize efficiency. We ship an average of 10,000 packages a day. Our facility is over 75,000 sq ft.

We typically ship through USPS, UPS, and FedEx with multiple daily pickups. In addition, we offer choices of emergency messengers, Air freight, LTL truckers, trains and ships. We also pass on shipping discounts when they are available. Our goal is to deliver the best value possible.

Our clients love our online fulfillment system. It’s very similar to online banking or paying bills online. You or your team can view everything that is happening or view reports. You can enter shipments manually. Typically we are able to integrate with any shopping cart/e-commerce solution. In most cases it is just through adding a custom email in the secondary email notification area, but we can work with an API to integrate and automate. Our system will even alert you when you reach a predetermined quantity of inventory to signal it’s time to place a reorder or hurry and finish those changes you had planned.

Yes, we have many, many templates available. Your Project Coordinator would be happy to email the appropriate copy. Acrobat Reader (version 9) is required for viewing and is available as a Free download. If you need something completely customized, we can have a template made for your project.

Ideally, we prefer native graphics formats for flexibility, or PDF’s set up to specs with the fonts embedded or converted to outlines, and any images embedded as well. The preferred formats we accept are: Illustrator (.AI) In-Design (.INDD) Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) and Quark Xpress (QXD). If you are sending finished artwork that is ready for printing, some basics tips are to…Make sure that your design properties are set to 300dpi resolution. DO NOT flatten the design template into the artwork. Convert all text to outlines/paths. If using Photoshop, please rasterize all text layers. TIF files will produce higher quality images than JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP. When using transparencies, gradients, drop shadows or anything other than 100% solid color, the tonal range must be between 15% and 85% of solid color (for Silkscreen printing), otherwise it may not reproduce properly. Allow 1/8” (3.175mm) of bleed past the finished edges of the design.

We can accept the art files in many ways, but due to larger file sizes, it is probably best to either upload to our FTP server, we can download from your FTP, or you can use services like “you send it”. Ask your sales rep or project coordinator to email you our FTP instructions if necessary. ** You may want to compress large files and folders prior to uploading to FTP using a compression program such as Stuffit for MAC , Zip or Winzip for PC users.

This varies depending on your project specifics, but a good time frame for planning is between 2-10 working days after all approvals.  In certain cases we are able to accommodate tight deadlines. This varies depending on your project specifics, but a good time frame for planning is between 2-10 working days after all approvals.  In certain cases we are able to accommodate tight deadlines.  In the end, our goal is to make our customers life easier by providing smart, swift & effective solutions.