Our Clients

For over three decades Promac has been the leading fulfillment services provider in the Midwest. Our clients include large multi-national organizations to mid-market companies and everything in between. We service both the B2B and B2C segments, so whether your company is B2B, B2C, or a mix of both, Promac enables you to keep your brand promise to your customers or clients.

We understand that our clients are being asked to do more with less. This may create a struggle in getting products to customers at the right time. Helping our clients improve their time to market, reducing their shipping costs, and minimizing their order fulfillment, inventory and warehouse expenditures with complete third party fulfillment services is a top priority.

Our solutions manage every project, from customized kit assembly to nationwide shipping – saving you time, improving your delivery times, & being the “behind the scenes” partner that lets you shine in front of your customers.

What Clients Say

Words cannot describe what the Promac team has done for our business. They’ve under promised and over delivered for the last decade. Jim’s insights have streamlined many of the business processes on the backend and given our customers a pleasant experience. When we started we were a very small company and grew together with them, but the excellent treatment and priority our business receives has never changed. They believed in us, and we believe in them. We consider Promac to be a vital partner for many years to come.
Joseph Bachman
Promac is a superb partner. Over the last several years, we have sent them huge projects with strict deadlines and they have always come through for us. I have complete trust in Promac since they’ve been so responsive to our needs and they help us make OUR clients happy. They are a critical link in the customer satisfaction chain and they have consistently exhibited reliability, responsiveness and accountability. They truly are a phenomenal partner to work alongside.
Glen Wright
Our company had initially considered Promac, however, we chose a cheaper alternative. After a few months we realized what a massive mistake we made and made the decision to sign up with Promac. It’s been 5 years and we couldn’t be happier. They handle all our orders, from small, online store orders, to large PO’s from demanding national companies.
Todd Herman
We originally hired Promac to provide fulfillment services for our Ecommerce Web Store. They immediately delivered immense value and in addition, Promac has taken on kitting and assembly of special orders for our field sales reps. To say that I have been very pleased with the expertise Promac has demonstrated is definitely an understatement. Their online reporting capabilities have been extremely helpful in providing us an overall view of our order history information and inventory status.
Allison Noe